LaminateListAccording to urban legend, the Laminated List contains the top 5 names of people, usually celebrities, someone could have a ‘free pass’ with if the opportunity arose.

On September 27, 2006 the Laminated List became a pop culture fixture thanks to David Schwimmer’s character, Ross Geller on the popular television show ‘Friends.’ Though Ross narrowly missed a Laminated List conquest, his efforts inspired possibilities for a new generation.

Today while many people talk about who is on their List, nobody actually has one. Our goal at is to make the myth a reality and put a Laminated List in the hands of anyone who aspires to achieve what Ross Geller could not.

Order yours today before another opportunity is missed!


  • Women

    • 1. Margot Robbie
    • 2. Scarlett Johansson
    • 3. Megan Fox
    • 4. Gale Gadot
    • 5. Nina Dobrev
  • Men

    • 1. Zac Efron
    • 2. Liam Hemsworth
    • 3. Ryan Reynolds
    • 4. Henry Cavill
    • 5. Jamie Dornan